Volume 3 is here! The Lectionary Lab Commentary for Year C.

Click here for the direct-purchase link — available after October 1 on

Also available on Kindle Reader HERE


Volume 2 of our Commentary, for Year B, is now available in both hard copy and Kindle formats. Click on the image…


Year B Cover

We are pleased to offer the first volume of our planned 3-Volume Set

The Lectionary Lab Commentary
With Stories and 
Sermons for Year A

Available from Amazon in Book and Kindle format — CLICK HERE

Lec Lab Photo for Ad

Also recently published — A Simple Way to Preach

Delmer Chilton and John Fairless, the pastors known as “Two Bubbas and a Bible,” have written a simple introduction to their preaching practice — a method that has been refined through their combined 50+ years of pastoral experience. Beginning, as always, with the biblical text, Chilton and Fairless take preachers through the steps that can maximize study time, uncover illustrations from everyday life, and energize the oh-so-important task of preaching in congregations of all sizes.

BookCoverPreview -- Simple Preach

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  3. I regularly use “Preaching Through the Christian Year” a three volume commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary published by Trinity Press International. Dr. Craddock writes the commentary on the Gospel passages. I read a lot of other stuff, but Craddock is the one I find most helpful and most quotable.

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