We’ll Be Seeing You!

After lots of sermons, commentary, podcast episodes and a generally pretty-good time, the Bubbas are hanging up their spurs and ceasing publication of the Lectionary Lab weblog and podcast. We’ve enjoyed it, and we thank you all for joining us.

Please note that we have a final podcast episode for those that care to listen — you’ll find it by clicking here.

Also, we’ll leave the site up for a while and encourage you to use the Search feature on the left-hand side of the page to search any scripture or Sunday in the 3-year lectionary cycle. It’s all there!

Delmer will continue to publish sermons on the Living Lutheran website.

And, that’s about all we’ve got to say about that!

51 thoughts on “We’ll Be Seeing You!

  1. Thank you for all the insights and humor you’ve shared over the years. I’ll miss you! Wishing you both well and praying that God will continue to bless you abundantly.

  2. Thank you for your help with my sermons. As a bi-vocational priest in a small parish, reading your blog has been so helpful. Godspeed.

  3. Hate to see you go … the bubbas were wonderful and so were their sharings of scripture commentary, life vignettes about growing up and the humor of family events, as well as the joys and difficulties of pastoring. It was a big job and you did it superbly. Thank you so much. You will certainly be missed. Blessings as you go forward, Rev. Joy Rose

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  4. Your thoughtful and humorous insights have nurtured me as a preacher and as a person. May God shower you both with blessings in the next stages of your lives, for you have definitely showered blessings upon us!

  5. I am sad to see you go. I especially appreciated you comments on the scripture readings for the week. Although I don’t often use the RCL, I really looked forward to reading the commentary, and the sermons weren’t too bad, either. Being a boy from the north, I really appreciated some of the stories of boys growing up in the south. Love you like a brother.

  6. just wanted to say thanks for all your former podcasts and Commentaries – they were profoundly refreshing.

  7. Many thanks to both of you for the gifts you’ve shared through the Lectionary Lab. Your insights and humor have often been just what I needed to get me started. I’ll miss “hearing” your voices. Peace and blessings!

  8. I’m so sad to see you go! Thank you for all that you have shared. As a new pastor I turned to you to help me plan for my weekly services and found just wanted I needed. I’ve appreciated your down to earth podcasts filled with humor and stories and great commentary. I will miss you! May God be with you and fill your journey with everything wonderful! Thank you again!

  9. Thank you both. I have come to regard each of you as friends, and am grateful for your thoughtful and thought-provoking work. I give thanks to God for your witness and service, and wish you godspeed.

  10. Thank you, as a “newbie” to preaching who does it only when asked and not very often, you’ve been a wonderful resource for me. I’ve learned so much from you!

  11. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and insights you have provided. I am also deeply grateful for your sense of humor and how you don’t take yourselves so seriously. I will miss your thoughts and, because I have quoted you so many times, my congregation will miss you as well.

  12. There is a season for all things under the sun. You will be missed but not forgotten. Yes, it is sad because we won’t get to hear your voices, or read your insights on Scripture, but at the same time joyful that you both realize it is time for rest and reflection on your future journey, and, contemplate the direction where God plans to send you next. If I could speak for Jesus, I believe he might say, “well done, my friends.” You both have been faithful to the Gospel and you may never know the total impact “Two Bubbas and a Bible” made in the Kingdom of Heaven and the Church World. For me, the total message was about true Christian community, and bridging the gap between denominationalism. If an Episcopal/Lutheran pastor and a Baptist pastor can share the Gospel in brotherly Christian love it is an example for all Christians, no matter what denomination they belong to. It is time for all churches to drop their walls of division and separation. You presented that message. God’s peace and blessings. To your journey, in Christ Jesus.

  13. Sorry to hear that you’re ‘closing up shop.’ It’s been a great resource and a wonderful inspiration. I hope you’ll leave the site up as long as possible. Blessings on whatever God calls you to next.

  14. I always turn here when I need support and wisdom. After all, you two have supported me from the beginning. Crazy, I’m in my 12th year asa Presbyterian pastor and I think that has to do with you two .. at least a bit. So please, keep the site up for me. And I know how to find you if you don’t …

  15. I am missing you so much! I often used your thoughts and shared them with the congregations I was called to serve. I wish you well!!

    Blessings upon You

    Bryan Hankins

  16. Thank you. I am from Singapore and stumbled upon the lab. It’s been enriching for me personally. Thank you. Keep in good health!

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