For Better or Worse…We’re Back!

It has been a little while since we decided to take a break from producing our Lectionary Lab weblog and podcast. I guess we realized just how much we missed you all, so we’re going to try a little something new!

For the upcoming Season of Lent, we have produced a series of podcasts around the idea, “Preaching the Gospel at Lent.” The introductory session is available hereThere will be a new episode each week, appearing as soon as we can get them finished. So, you can wait and listen each week as you prepare, or you can download them and listen when you wish.

Also, each week we will publish a sermon — usually by Bubba #1, aka Delmer — so that you can do with those what you will, too!

Let us hear from you — comments are very welcome. It was awfully nice to hear from so many of you when we left off last time!

See you’uns again soon!

John and Delmer

18 thoughts on “For Better or Worse…We’re Back!

  1. Looking forward to reading your posts. I had just started listening to your pod casts and really enjoyed them. I serve two congregations in North Carolina. I have served one for 18 years and the other for 15 years. I’m originally from North Carolina. My first parish was in Baltimore. I was there for 9 years. Glad you all are back!!!!

  2. Alleluia! We R certainly, or as you would say surely, glad you guys are back. You have been the favorite podcast for our daily devotions over the past years. There has always been nourishment for my wife and I, she a deeply spiritual person, and for me a cleric relic of the ELCA. We look forward to your new emphasis as we journey with you and our Lord through
    Lent and the seasons beyond. You’ve got it right, brothers, both the cross and the empty tomb anchor the gospel. We carry you in our prayers.

  3. It’s for better! So very glad you have both come back. Thank you! I’ll be preparing sermons for our small congregation for the first Sunday in Lent and also for Palm/Passion Sunday. Your help is greatly appreciated. My sermon for Jan 17th was snowed out, something you are probably not that familiar with.

  4. SOOOO glad you’re back! I’ve been checking that other (Lutheran) site for Delmer’s work but couldn’t find it. Maybe this is why… you couldn’t leave us all out here alone.
    Prayers for you and all clergy folks as we endeavor to preach the Gospel with conviction and spirit. Welcome home.

  5. Hallelujah all is again right with the world! It was a difficult mourning period but I’m so happy you’re back. You are the first place I head for inspiration and clarity and generally don’t have to look any further.

  6. Thank you, John and Delmer… and thank God! You were sorely missed. Like so many others, I always go to you each week for inspiration and ideas. You have a unique way of presenting the Gospel – you are at the top of my research list. Thanks so very much. I feel rescued! You are in our prayers.

  7. Thanks so much for posting these pieces. I greatly value them as part of my sermon prep here in the hills and hollers of West Virginia.

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