The Last Hurrah

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“For every thing there is a time…”

The wisdom of the Preacher rings true for us here on the Lectionary Lab.

After five years of publishing comments, ideas, stories, and sermons for the lectionary texts each week, we (Delmer and John) feel the need to “leave it lay,” as our respective elders used to say.

Thanks to all of you who have joined us for the journey; for those of you who have just recently found our site, we hate that we are not going further with you.

Please note that we will be leaving the website up for at least the next year, and you are encouraged and invited to use the Search feature to access material for any Sunday of the 3-year lectionary cycle. You can search by scripture, liturgical day, or pretty much any other way you want to try!

Delmer will continue to write weekly sermons for — we hope you’ll check him out there.

Remember our written volumes that include three sets of commentary, illustrations, and sermons for Years A, B, and C — available on

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It’s been good, y’all!