What’s Up for Year A (2013-2014)

A new church year brings a new format to The Lectionary Lab.

Having now written our way through the three-year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary, the Bubbas are going to shift our approach just a bit (in the interest of keeping our own thinking as fresh as possible, and in continuance with our mission of covering the text, the whole text, and nothing but the text!)

We will provide links to our previous Year A commentary and sermons each week; all archives are also accessible either by means of the menu on the left or the “Search” function appearing there, as well. (Search is also great for checking on specific texts!) We would also like to remind you that the entire Year A — with comments, stories, and sermons for every Sunday (observed or not) — is available in book and Kindle format here as The Lectionary Lab Commentary with Stories and Sermons for Year A.

It’s a pretty good book, if we do say so ourselves; we both got some preaching inspiration from reading it the other day!

So, here’s what you can expect for the next trip through the scriptures and seasons of Year A:

  • Teaching the Texts (John Fairless reflects on the texts from the perspective of leading an Adult Education session each week)
  • The Lectionary Lab Live podcast will continue to focus on emphases for preaching each week, pretty much in its current format
  • The Sermon each week will be a new creation by Dr. Chilton; after 30 years, Delmer’s sermon file is thick, but he remains committed to the “fresh encounter” with the text. Bubba says he’s going to try to work in a few more Hebrew scripture texts and epistle texts and such during this coming year. And, there will be stories….

All righty, then — there you have it! Your feedback and comments are always, always, always welcome. Leave us a post here on The Lab, find us on Facebook, or shoot us an email (john@lectionarylab.com or delmer@lectionarylab.com.)

One thought on “What’s Up for Year A (2013-2014)

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