Okay — It’s HERE!


Bubba and Bubba are proud to announce the publication of our first book, The Lectionary Lab Commentary with Stories and Sermons for Year A. (Click on the title to view the details…)

What we have here is a collection of our web posts — freshly updated and revised — and “the good stuff” from Delmer’s sermon file for every possible Sunday in the Year A cycle. That means the book contains material never before seen by human eyes or heard by human ears — AMAZING!

The general public will be exposed to this homiletical masterpiece beginning Friday, November 15 — but we are announcing it early to you, our faithful readers and friends. We would be more than a mite honored if you saw fit to view the website and order a copy. We would be doubly honored if, after doing so, you would take a minute or two to offer a review on Amazon’s website.

Just to let you know, the “real copy” (an actual book) is available now by clicking HERE;  there is also  a Kindle version available (which saves you $5.00 and spares a tree!) available HERE.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the book will be available in bookstores and on websites EVERYWHERE — tell your friends and neighbors!

Seriously, we could never have accomplished this without the encouragement and feedback of so many of you; we hope you will share our joy in the birth of this new addition to the Two Bubba’s family.

Delmer and John

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