Spam and the Blogosphere

Well, gentle readers, one of our fondest hopes upon the commencement of the Lectionary Lab more than two years ago was that we would be a place where folks could share their thoughts, reactions, questions, etc., by means of commenting and posting here — freely.

We do enjoy the occasional input from you, and have tried to keep posting and replying a fairly easy thing to do. However, we have been beset by spammers lately, to the point that Bubba #2 has been spending more time eliminating spurious comments than he has been writing the commentary on the lections.

So, as of today, we have restricted posting to “registered users” — which means you will have to have a genuine online identity such as Google or OpenID in order to post.

PLEASE continue to respond. If anything, we’d like to open even more channels of communication with and amongst you. We genuinely believe that the Word, dwelling in our midst, is best understood in community.

John and Delmer

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