A Word About Ads

Dear Readers of the Lectionary Lab —

You are the reason we write! Both Bubbas have a great love for Christ and His Church — and we have a healthy respect for the far-from-perfect-but-lovable-anyway people that serve the Church.

Our goal in publishing our thoughts here each week is, first and foremost, to be helpful in the weekly task of preaching the Bible’s texts. We both know what it is like to be busy pastors who have calls to make, meetings to attend, services to officiate, and social obligations to meet. And, as most of us have muttered in some form or other on various occasions: “Sunday sure does roll around, don’t she?”

We will continue to write as long as God gives us half-brains to use and clumsy fingers to type — and the content on the Lectionary Lab will ALWAYS be free. That’s our promise to you.

Having said that, you must realize that even a Bubba has to eat…so, in trying to find some simple ways to “monetize” our blog, we are allowing what I call some “gentle” ads from Google to appear on our sidebar. We hope they do not distract from our purpose. That is certainly not our intention.

Having said that AND that, let me also encourage you occasionally to glance over and see what is popping up on your screen, and click on anything that interests you! When you follow an ad and, especially if you happen to find something that’s a good deal or that works well for you (read “buy something”) — well, your friendly Bubbas will benefit just a little bit. And we will be happy. And we will be able to keep churning out commentary and sermons and such for a long, long time!

Okay, that’s about all for now. Just wanted to keep you in the loop about what’s happening. If we decide we don’t really like the ads, we’ll turn them back off after a while. Let us know what you think (if you care to.)


John and Delmer

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